Thursday, June 21, 2012

Too much power to punish men

The feds are taking over your dumb Apple phones:
Apple’s eagerly awaited iOS 6 update for iPhones and iPads will include controversial ‘government alerts’ that some fear are part of the federal government’s takeover of communications networks. ...

Although users can opt out of receiving the alerts from FEMA and the Amber Alert program, messages direct from the president will be mandatory.
I thought that Amber Alerts might be a good idea, until I saw them implemented in California. Every one I've seen was a stupid child custody dispute.

Sure, dads should return kids on time according to court orders, I guess. But if a dad is a few hours late, I fail to see how that justifies mobilizing millions of citizens to go on a manhunt.

Here is another bad case:
Defendant, who is currently sixty-six years old, has suffered from severe obsessive compulsive disorder since childhood and felt abandoned by his family at a young age. His animosity toward his family intensified when, during his teenage years, his parents secured his involuntary commitment to a psychiatric hospital. Defendant harbored a deep resentment of plaintiff and the parties’ mother, B.P., as evidenced by his references to his family as a “cesspool” of human beings and “scum.” ...

Defendant testified that he had appeared at plaintiff’s residence “probably 8, 9 times.” He acknowledged appearing at plaintiff’s property two to three days per week, for between two and four hours at a time, from approximately April or May 2010 until the filing of plaintiff’s complaint. Defendant admitted that he raised both middle fingers in the air while walking back and forth in front of plaintiff’s residence at least “a couple of times,” although he claimed he was making a “victory” sign.
So the order restrains the man from going into any part of the town!

His family probably is a cesspool of scum. Judges should not have this sort of power. Some judge probably helped create this problem by signing off on a bogus commitment order for OCD. If the man committed a crime, then go ahead and prosecute him. He is 66 years old. If he were going to commit a violent act because of what happened 50 years ago, he probably would have done it by now.


Anonymous said...

The premiere of Futurama was last night and there was a stab at deadbeat moms in it, and how they have the power to control the kids, check it out. There's also a couple of Santa Cruz references.

George said...

I did not know that Futurama was back on air with new episodes. Thanks for the tip! I will check it out, and report back.