Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Futurama season

A reader alerted me that the funny animated show Futurama is back on TV with new episodes. The season premiere features an illegitimate robot and a custody dispute:
To Bender's surprise, the Planet Express crew discover that Bev has given birth to a baby robot as a result of their intercourse the other night, since robots in the 31st century are programmed to procreate. Bender initially rejects his son and attempts to give Bev full custody, but Bev runs away and leaves their child in his care. Bender soon comes to appreciate his son after he takes delight in Bender's bending abilities, and names his son Ben. ...

During a ceremony celebrating Ben's passage into adulthood, Bev returns and takes custody of her son from Bender. Bender kidnaps Ben and tries to run, but the two are caught by the police when Ben tries to bend a grater at the dam. As Bender prepares to return Ben to Bev, she gives birth to another child conceived with Officer URL and decides to keep this child instead, leaving Bender and Ben alone.
Bev is a coin-sucking vending machine who is voiced by a black woman with an attitude. She seems to be a parody of welfare queens who neglect their kids.
Leela: You got knocked up by a police officer while he was looking for your kidnapped child?

Bev: Sure did, I still got it.

Bender: So now what happens?

Bev: Tell you what, you keep the big one. As long as I've got a baby to neglect, I'm happy.

Leela: Should we call Child Services?

Officer: No, let's get out of here.
In the end, they send Ben off to college at Bending State Santa Cruz.

The episode is being re-run on the Comedy channel this morning, and again this evening.

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