Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Forbidden to make a snowman with big ears

From a N. Dakota appeals court decision:
This case arises from what is apparently a long-running feud between Anthony Stamness and Christian Svedberg, both minors…. Testimony indicated that Stamness and others referred to Svedberg as “Dumbo,” a cartoon elephant with unusually large ears, and Stamness had, on one occasion, stated, “You had better watch it Dumbo or I will kill you.” ...

This case tells a sad tale of parents who failed to parent and school administrators who failed to administer. As a result, a child who should have been disciplined at home and at school, instead, was restrained by a district court from saying “Dumbo” to another child, building snowmen with big ears, and threatening and harassing the other child. He faces up to one year in prison if he violates the restraining order….
The court upheld the order. This is silly. Whatever happened to the dads having a man-to-man talk? It would be better to settle this dispute with a fistfight than going to court.


Zorro said...

My nephew, when he was 7, told a girl on the playground that he "had a penis and she didn't." The girl cried to her teacher and long story short, my nephew was thrown out of public school, much to the inconvenience and expense of my single-mom sister.

Political correctness is fucking retarded.

At my place of work two hears ago, a woman (well endowed by her mom's genes) passed a group of engineers witting outside at a picnic table. One of them said in a voice so low I could barely hear it, "I'd like to see her in a rabbit hair sweater." He didn't know that behind him was a woman (not blessed by nature) who had strolled up on the grass behind him. The chesty woman in question never heard the remark. The woman on the lawn went to HR and long story short the man who made the remark was fired from his position in a rotten economy and with a wife and three kids to care for.

Wouldn't a two-day suspension without pay have made the point??!! Not even considering that, how is his remark degrading or offensive?


Political correctness if fucking retarded!!

George said...

IMO, the sweater comment deserves no worse than a warning. The comment from the 7yo should not have been punished at all. A 7yo is unlikely to even understand why some people might think that such a comment is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Had a lot of success settling matters with fistfights, George ?