Friday, June 01, 2012

Subsidizing illegitimate births

From the Spearhead blog, I get this stupid idea:
He doesn’t want to do away with Roe v. Wade — quite the opposite — he wants to make it irrelevant.

How? No woman gets pregnant on her own. His idea is to clamp an ankle bracelet, a $50,000 obligation that may be funded by military service and other fun things, on guys who go around having random sex. Make them think twice, or thrice.

Evans, a retired Ogden OB/GYN, came by his disgust for abortion in a horrendous three-month stint in the pathology/obstetrics ward at Cook County Hospital in Chicago in the 1950s when he did his residency.

Abortion was illegal but very common. ...

Which brings us to his bill, which would:

Restrict elective abortion to the first 16 weeks.
Require DNA testing to determine paternity of all out-of-wedlock children, even aborted.
Require the father to establish a $50,000 trust fund to care for any out-of-wedlock child, even if adopted. If the child is aborted, the fund is used for sex education.
If the father can’t pay, he joins the military and uses his enlistment bonus and salary to pay.
No man can avoid paternity claiming “she seduced me,” or that she claimed she was on the pill, had her tubes tied, whatever.
Man under 18? His parents are responsible.
There are provisions for mandatory counseling, marriage isn’t an easy out, there is no statute of limitations, and if you flee, you can be extradited.

It goes on for three pages.
I think that if we had a public debate about firefighting, there would be people suggesting that we pour gasoline on the fires.

A comment says:
What an absolutely stupid idea.

Once again we see the woman-can-do-wrong false assumption in action.

In this case, Dr. Evans, who came from the 1950s when women were more virtuous (less rotten?), has brought his experiences, prejudices and bad logic into the public policy arena where it can do the most harm. Unbeknownst to him, his “sensible” proposal will cause a birth explosion among the sluttiest, poorest, and most conniving girls bringing a new generation of bastards into the world and trashing young men in the process.

How about this proposal instead?:

Any woman who gets pregnant out of wedlock must pay the man $50,000 and forfeit all parental rights to the child. The man can continue or terminate the pregnancy. This is the woman’s punishment for seducing the poor innocent man into fornication in an attempt to destroy his life.

Yet another example of man-hating and man-blaming in America.
Physicians do not understand financial incentives.

Another comment has a link to a Dr. Coutinho video tell how feminists blocked a male contraceptive pill.

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