Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Top reasons for disliking Cmr. Joseph

Here are the my top reasons for disliking Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph.

He sent the cops to seize my kids at my home based on an out-of-court report of a CPS investigation, without waiting to learn that CPS failed to find any single act of abuse.

He said that I could not show my lawyer a document that was submitted as evidence in court without any confidentiality restrictions.

He said that setting a child's alarm clock for 7:00 on a school morning was "indicative" of child abuse.

To support a finding of abuse even though no witness could name any incident of abuse, he said, "one doesn't have to have one spectacular event easily recalled and reported in detail to be an emotional abuser."

He quoted a 4-year-old report from a gay psychologist that I am "unorthodox".

He would not let me see my kids until we got an evaluation from E. Lee, and when she refused to do it, he refused to name a replacement.

When I finally got a psychologist to do the evaluation he ordered, he refused to accept the recommendation to let me see my kids.

I got permission from him to quote CPS testify in support of my appeal, but then he found me in contempt of court for doing exactly that.

He made me pay an extra $1,000 a month in support payments because my ex-wife's new husband has a bigger mortgage than I do.

He made me pay an extra $250 a month in support to pay for my daughter's dance lessons.

He calculated guideline child support based on income my investments might earn if they had been invested differently.

He accepts court filings that do not even necessarily go to the parties in the case.

He seals part of court files so that the parties cannot even see what is in the file.

He delayed the outcome of a child custody trial for six months while he sent my ex-wife and me to get Rorschach ink-blot tests from a psychologist.

He collected some out-of-court info about my website, and then wrote a letter to my ex-wife inviting her to bring a motion for contempt of court.

He put a school psychologist letter in a confidential part of the court file that I was not allowed to see, after his assistant encourage the psychologist to write the letter.

He ordered me to pay my ex-wife all the savings during our marriage because he said that she assumed that I was making less than I was.

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