Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Petition denied

The Calif supreme court just rejected my petition. No explanation given. It just said:
Petition for review denied
George, C.J., was absent and did not participate.


confused said...

I guess this means they successfully kidnapped your children thru legal means. Do you have an idea what to try next?

George said...

Yes, it was a legal kidnapping. I have not given up, and I will be posting more.

StillHere0509 said...

I came across your blog coincidentally because of my screename. I feel for you, i've only just recently been reading blogs of father's in situations similar to my own. Luckily i currently have joint custody of my daughter, but my ex is unfit and i'm gearing up for a custody battle.

My experiences have spurred me into writing my own blog,

so many of the divorce blogs are very serious, i thought it was time to liven things up a bit and poke back and have some fun at our ex's expense and maybe help a few guys out with some tips.