Monday, May 04, 2009

Back to Commissioner Joseph

Cmr. Irwin Joseph got moved to another court, but it appears that I will have to go before him again. I filed a motion for reconsideration of one of his decision in Watsonville, and I just got notice that it has been rescheduled to be heard in another court in Santa Cruz. My guess is that since it was Cmr. Joseph who made the decision, then he is also supposed to hear the reconsideration motion. I don't expect to change his mind, but maybe I can clarify the issue for an appeal.

I hope that it is the last time I see Cmr. Joseph.


Anonymous said...

You can check the calendar to see who is hearing your motion

Anonymous said...

I double checked for you.

Dept 6. is Dependency Court - Judge Denine Guy.

I'd suggest you go back to the lawyer and check why it's being heard by a dependency judge.