Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ex-wife files another 200 pages

Yesterday the Fedex man dropped off an envelope with about 200 pages from my ex-wife. It was a copy of what she filed with the court last Thursday. That was 5 days to go about 5 miles! She probably could have just delivered it herself more easily. I think that court litigants should have to deliver documents to the other party at the same time that they are delivered to the court.

The envelope had a 16-page brief from her opposing me visiting our kids. The rest of it was exhibits. Apparently she was worried that the new judge won't review the court file and not appreciate how she has beaten me in past hearings before Cmr. Irwin Joseph.

Her brief starts:
Reports to be Stricken from the Record: Mr. AngryDad (hereinafter, "George") has filed an Order to Show Cause to compel compliance with custody recommendations contained within reports that were previously submitted to the Court and that had been dismissed by the Court as not being "Court-ordered" as well as not being in compliance with Court orders. Since George is deliberately misrepresenting the status of submitted documents for the purpose of affecting the case's outcome, I respectfully request that these reports be stricken from the record, lest they may be used to cause any further confusion and damage.
This argument does not even make any sense. If the psych report were court-ordered, then I could understand a complaint that the report did not comply with the court order. But if the report was not court-ordered, then how is it possible that the report not be in compliance with court orders? If there was no court order for the report, then there is no court order to comply with.

I had submitted a Monterey psychologist report with my papers, and my ex-wife wants that copy stricken. But she has submitted that very same report as Exhibit Q in her papers! So even if my copy of the report is stricken, the court will still have her copy of the report. She did not ask that her copy be stricken.

I am just asking for visitation with our kids. The reports all say that I should see the kids. I am not even going to bother answering most of her arguments. They are just distractions. I hope the new judge is smart enough to see thru her nonsense.


StillHere0509 said...

hopefully the new judge will see that's she's mad crazy. i'm getting ready to start up my custody case and i know that my ex is crazy. i just hope that everyone involved in the process will realize she's crazy too. She's not just regular crazy. she's mad badger crazy.

George said...

You may find that the court personnel are also crazy.

Anonymous said...

To the person who is starting a new custody case: don't let your guard down! You'll be surprised how many "experts" find crazy women not crazy: "within normal parental latitude," "no evidence of harm to the children," etc. Get only the most reputable shrinks to make your case rock solid. Learn the lingo. Don't represent yourself even though lawyers cost an arm and leg (big mistake, Mr Angry Dad). Do it for your children.