Sunday, May 03, 2009

'He won't let go': Husband stalks divorce-seeking wife from his cell

A Philadelphia newspaper reports:
FOUR YEARS after her husband shot her six times, repeatedly raped her and left her bleeding on the bathroom floor for hours, Crystal Haynes says that she's being victimized by him again - in court.

Today, she is to appear in Montgomery County Family Court for the ninth time in about 18 months to try to finalize a no-fault divorce she filed in 2005.

Her ex-husband, Kendall Williams, 49, is acting as his own attorney - filing motion after motion to prevent the divorce decree - from his jail cell at SCI Smithfield, a state prison in Huntingdon, Pa., where he's serving a 17 1/2-to-35-year jail term for attempted first-degree murder in the attack.

"I can't take it anymore," said Haynes, 49, who testified against him at a 2005 preliminary hearing for attempted murder.

"How much more can I be victimized? How can he keep dragging me back to court? Why is the judge allowing this?

"Why am I being subjected to this man's control?" she asked. "I'm still terrified of him. I want to have a normal life. I want closure."
She is not under his control. He is in prison, and will not get out. She has to show up in court, but she has only been doing that since 2005. My ex-wife has kept me going to court since 2003, and there is no end in sight.


Anonymous said...

Come on, use your brain, George. Your ex-wife keeps dragging YOU to court so why don't you understand it when there is 1 party that keeps filing motions (woman or man) the other party (man or woman) must keep going to court to defend themselves. You are not the only man to have a bad divorce, but your insistence that only men have it bad is like someone sitting with their fingers in their ears saying "la-la-la I can't HEAR you" . It's not just about you or all men it's about how the system can screw anyone.

George said...

Yes, it is not just men who get a bad deal in family court. I posted this message as an example of a woman who cannot get free of family court nonsense.