Friday, May 08, 2009

Local prosecutor disbarred

A reader sends this story about a local prosecutor:
SANTA CRUZ — A former Santa Cruz County prosecutor has lost his license to practice law for two years.

Reasons for George Hall Dunlap Jr.'s suspension included involvement in an ex-girlfriend's court case, falsely claiming he wasn't behind the wheel during a drunken driving accident and trying to use his position as a prosecutor to get out of a drunken driving incident involving his wife.

State Bar Court Judge Lucy Armendariz ruled Dunlap disobeyed state laws, engaged in moral turpitude and failed to inform the State Bar that two felony counts had been filed against him. ...

In an unrelated incident, Dunlap was charged with child abuse this spring.
This story sounds fishy to me. My guess is that the local prosecutors routines excuse each others' offenses on things like drunk driving. Somehow Dunlap went too far. But charging him with child abuse? I think that Dunlap embarrassed someone in the DA's offense, so they turned on him with a bogus child abuse charge.

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