Friday, January 16, 2009

Money trial today

I just got out of another hearing on money issues before Cmr. Joseph. These things seem to continue without end. My ex-wife introduced 100s of pages of exhibits. I don't know what he is going to do.

I had been scheduled to be sentenced for contempt of court today, but no one mentioned. My guess is that the judge is supposed to either act on the matter or keep it on the calendar. If so, he'll probably put it back on the docket for some future date.

My ex-wife thought that I was over-dramatizing my condition when I told the appeals court yesterday that I was scheduled to be sentenced for up to five days in jail the next day. She says that Cmr. Joseph wants to just keep the sentence hanging over my head, without actually sentencing me. Maybe so, but it was correct that I was scheduled to be sentenced. Surely some day Cmr. Joseph will get tired of requiring us to appear in his court, and he will have to decide to do something.

Our trial was interrupted by a divorcing couple that had agreed to settle everything on their own terms, except for one minor financial matter. Their settlement did not involve child support or any of the usual consequences of a court-ordered dissolution. Cmr. Joseph didn't know what to do with them. He kept trying to sell them on what he would order, but his plan was not suited to either of their needs and they were not interested. He also kept assuring them that they could come back into court later, break their current deal, and get court-ordered child support. He wanted to make sure they understood that they were turning down an opportunity for the court to run their lives. Except he did not put it that way, of course. It did not appear to me that the couple got their one financial disagreement resolved, so I guess they will be back in court later.

Another distraction was that there was a class of kids on a field trip who visited the courtroom. Normally Cmr. Joseph does not allow kids in the courtroom. I don't think they got a very good example of court action as no one was on the witness stand and the judge asked most of the question. In a real court, the judge does not question the witnesses.


Unknown said...

Yes, I think CJ wants to hold the contempt sentencing over your head as a way to get you to comply with his unlawful orders. Also there may be hesitation on his part to sentence you - if you publicize the whole story of how he has been running his own investigation by having one of his staff read your blog, and interfering in your case by writing to your ex-wife to encourage her to file the motion for contempt, he might be in big trouble for ethics violations. I checked with the just received Handbook of Judicial Ethics and judges are NOT allowed to investigate cases on their own.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps if you would just man up and fulfill your responsibilities to your child and ex wife you could finally put this case behind you and move on.

Why do you refuse to support your children?


Just because your wife was able to find true love elsewhere doesn;t mean she isn't still entitled to her half of all marital assets. You get half and she gets half. Why is tha so hard to accept?

Unknown said...

Angry dad is paying support. In fact he's paying support based on phantom income that Commissioner Joseph made up. Ex- wife is an attorney and has a high earning capability. Ex-wife is entitled to 1/2 *community property*, not all assets. Some assets might be sole property. And that was all settled. Why does ex-wife want to revisit money matters that were settled years ago? Yeah, it's all about the money.

George said...

I would support my kids by helping to take care of them if I could. But my ex-wife just wants the cash instead.

Anonymous said...

Obviously that poster is not actually asking a question. It's clearly someone from julies side. Notice the "found true love" vomit they love to throw out there. Great, I'm sure George is so happy he had two children with that monster while she used him as a starter Husband to find the "true love". You people are disgusting and make the World miserable. Why in God's name did we allow our women to have zero accountability and ethics? OK, she found another sucker willing to put up with her insanity..woo hoo. Good for the poor slob. Now, why doesn't he flip the bills for her and why doesn't George get to see his kids? Guess he's not up for the job eh? These people don't actually make people see things their way. They actually create MRA's everyday. Ladies aren't gonna like the backlash.

Unknown said...

Look. The problem is two fold: 1. The court system is really screwed up. 2. There are both men and women who play the system to get revenge on an ex.

So just blaming women is not resolving the problem of Revenge By Court. Nor is just blaming men. It's the adversarial court system plus the revenge oriented person with money(sometimes the court is convinced to have the victim pay the Revenger's court expenses, too). I have seen both men and women get screwed over by a revengeful ex who snows the court. The judges are human and in the Santa Cruz Family Court I have seen the Commissioner in action. Commissioner Joseph gets a bug up his brain and decides no matter what the evidence, one party is always wrong and needs his personal Hammer of Justice.

The accountability issue is not really gender based (even if frothing in hatred of women is soothing to your ego) but the system needs to be reformed so that *revengeful ex's* are held accountable AND the IDIOT judge!!

Anonymous said...

I have to respectfully disagree novemburd. This isn't a system where the Judge gets a feeling or a thought in his head and seeks out to destroy one of the two adverserial parties. Their is more than enough evidence to show that powerful feminist organizations have been able to dictate policy within Family Courts, CPS, many others. I would suggest you do some research into the matter. Judges who don't get on board are attacked vicously by said groups. Many are sent to what is essentially a re-education camp to learn the ways of the NOW. Others who have "poor performance" (dont judge for the Women) are ousted. Again, do your own homework.