Saturday, January 17, 2009

Transcript delayed again

I just got a message from the court reporter, whom I paid a couple a months ago to prepare a transcript. She says that she is busy with other transcripts, and she has orders to give them higher priority than me. She assured me that she will get to mine as soon as she finishes all her high-priority transcripts, but she does not know when that will be.

The previous time, my appeal was delayed for months because the court reporters had an assortment of petty excuses, such as moving or having her computer in the shop.

This is ridiculous. The court should have court reporters who can produce transcripts in a timely manner. If they are overworked, then the court should hire more. What good is a court reporter who cannot produce a transcript?

These court reporters are obsolete anyway. It would be easier for me to just make my own transcript from a recording. Or the court could record the sessions and email the recording to India. Then everyone could have a transcript the next day. It sure would be a lot cheaper, faster, easier, and more reliable.

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