Saturday, January 24, 2009

Commissioner Joseph to be ousted in June

I have now heard a rumor from a third source that Cmr. Irwin H. Joseph is being forced into retirement this June. He had wanted to be promoted to being a real judge, but that is just not going to happen. He has been passed over each time there was a vacancy.

We only have one family court judge in Santa Cruz county. Cmr. Joseph has had the job for 2.5 years. He was unfit for the job, and was terrible. But I won't be ready to celebrate his departure until I find out that his replacement will be better. The family court seems to draw bad judges.

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Unknown said...

It could be that your comments during the appeal about Commissioner Joseph has caused more pressure to have Joseph retire. It's nice to hear more rumor, but maybe it's the first rumor repeated by people who heard it from the first person.

What argument did your Ex use to re-visit the divorce settlement? Joseph shouldn't even be going there and I think it's another appeal... plus he shouldn't be making child support decisions while that subject is under appeal. But we know he's incompetent.