Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another day in court

My ex-wife and I spent an hour in court trying to detail how we spent money ten years ago. Somehow Cmr. Joseph is going to study all the data and issue a decision in a couple of weeks on how much money I have to pay her. I have no idea what he will do.

Our hearing started a little late because another divorced couple was in the courtroom. Both were represented by lawyers. When we got there, the main issue seemed to be the husband's 105 marijuana plants. She wanted him tested. Cmr. Joseph said that because he had a California dope-smoker card, he could legally have THC in his system, and refused to order a test. His girlfriend has a card also, so they can smoke all the dope they want. Finally, the wife's lawyer asked that the husband and his new girlfriend not smoke dope in front of the kid. The husband agreed.

I thought that 105 marijuana plants could get you in trouble. But this is Santa Cruz, so maybe it is a sign of spirituality and good character. Maybe I should go get a few dozen pot plants and Cmr. Joseph would consider me a fit father.

I brought a laptop computer into court, and Cmr. Joseph quizzed me about whether it was recording device. I don't know why he keeps asking such questions. I thought that the court records everything anyway.

Cmr. Joseph still did not mention anything about sentencing me for contempt of court. As of now, we have no pending future court appearances. I would have thought that he would have to keep the sentencing on the schedule somehow.

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Unknown said...

Ten years ago. I can't believe any judge would allow discovery of ten year old settled money issues unless there was fraud. At least Commissioner Joseph has refused to do so in another case I very familiar with.