Friday, January 02, 2009

Arkansas man gets framed on false charges

Think men and women get treated equally in court? Here is news from Arkansas:
A University of Arkansas employee faces charges for recording a teenage girl in the shower even though his girlfriend told police she did it to get him in trouble.

Kevin Dale Robinson, 35, was charged Tuesday with possessing or viewing matter depicting explicit conduct involving a child and video voyeurism.

Robinson is accused on Oct. 6 of possessing nude images of a 16-year-old girl and using a digital camera to secretly record her while she was taking a shower.

Robinson who works as a systems programmer for the UA's information technology services department, told Fayetteville police when he was arrested Nov. 12 that he did not take the video recording of the teenage girl.

He said his longtime girlfriend, Lela Churchwell, took the video herself in an effort to get him in trouble, according to the arrest report. He also produced for police an e-mail from Churchwell sent Oct. 21 in which she admitted to being a pathological liar and setting him up.

Robinson told police the whole incident was concocted by Churchwell because she was jealous of his close relationship with the victim and two other juveniles. Police did not consider his story to be credible or believable and arrested him on probable cause.

On Nov. 13, Churchwell told police that she had recorded the nude shower footage but told the victim and police that Robinson did it to get him in trouble. She said she tried to convince Robinson that he did it when he was drunk.

She also told police she had become pregnant by another man and she planned to blackmail Robinson so he would move out of the house and she could stay there while he paid the mortgage.

Churchwell was arrested on probable cause on charges of video voyeurism, theft of property and filing a false police report.

She was charged on Dec. 12 with second-degree battery. Other possible charges she was arrested on are pending.

In the battery case, Churchwell is accused of striking Robinson in the head with a shovel on Oct. 12 - when police responded to the initial call from the victim about being recorded in the shower.

The victim told police that Churchwell struck Robinson with the shovel after catching him using a digital camera to take shower pictures.

Churchwell told police she was very intoxicated when she smacked Robinson in the head two or three times with the shovel. After the last blow, Robinson "fell over onto the ground like a rag doll," she said, according to the police report.
So his unfaithful girlfriend gets in a jealous drunken rage, beats him unconscious with a shovel, video records an underage girl, frames him on false charges, and makes a false police report. And yet the man is being charged with a crime. It seems to me that he is the victim, not the girl.

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