Sunday, January 25, 2009

No supervised visitation

After my ex-wife told the appeals court that it was my fault that I had not seen our kids, I made another attempt. She told the court that she would let me see them if it were supervised by someone on the court's list of approved supervisors.

So I hired a supervisor from the approved list. This supervisor was actually licensed, after having taken a course in how to do it. My ex-wife gave me a list of available times. But when it came time for me to see the kids, my ex-wife abruptly canceled. According to the supervisor, my ex-wife claimed that the supervisor had a "conflict of interest" because I had contacted the supervisor first. I don't know
what the conflict could possibly be, as the supervisor was not going to be judging anyone. It is just another phony excuse.

The court did not even require supervision. The supervisor is just my ex-wife's requirement. So far, no supervisor has been good enough for her. Some day our kids will learn the truth.

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Anonymous said...

This is right up there when the Vietcong used to clean up US POW's, give them fresh clothes and medical treatment and tell them they were going to be sent home. Then at the last moment inform them they were just going back to their cell. Many referred to it as one of the worst forms of torture. What a piece of work your ex is. I bet she spent a whole night thinking up that one. That's one less night she didn't spend it by being a good wife or mother.