Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Investigating judicial misconduct

A reader writes:
I have managed to find and buy a copy of the California Judicial Conduct Handbook. It will be handy to be able to identify unethical actions and behaviors by our favorite judges and commissioners! The Judicial Code of Ethics is so vague you could drive a Mack Truck through it and not hit a thing.

The next best thing is the New Mexico Handbook, which is online at

Cheers and Happy New Year
Another reader writes:
I saw on your web page that Judge Atack responded to your formal complaint about Com. Joseph and he wasn't going to go any further with it. I just wanted to inform you (if you didn't already know) you have 30 days from his response to you to file a formal complaint with the Judicial Performance Review Board, here is some info.
The sites says that in 2007, there were 148 complaints against California subordinate judicial officers, and two of them were reprimanded.

I am not very optimistic about my complaint against Commissioner Irwin Joseph. It appears as if they look for any excuse to do nothing.

My complaint against Cmr. Joseph was that he violated court rules in order to collect out-of-court evidence against me, improperly suggested that my ex-wife initiate a legal action against me, and then presided over that action himself. See my letter to Judge Atack.


Anonymous said...

And prehaps disatisfied litigants file frequent unfounded complaints. What, exactly is your complaint, other than the judge did not agree with you?

George said...

No, I am not just complaining about a disagreement. I added a paragraph to my post above to describe my complaint.