Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fishy signature

My ex-wife's motions to seal the testimony on appeal has 22 pages of junk. I would post it if it were shorter. There is no substance to any of it, except to argue that the appellate court should seal the CPS testimony because the trial court did. But the trial court never actually sealed the testimony, so she argues that it should have been sealed. And she never explains why, except to respect the intent of Commissioner Irwin Joseph who supposedly wanted the testimony sealed and neglected to do it.

Anyway, I am wondering whether she even signed her court papers herself. Look at the above signature on her sworn declaration. Doesn't it look a little bit fishy? Have you ever heard of anyone misspelling her own name?

Forget about her last name. That is just the name of her current husband, and she may not be used to it yet. But she has had that first name all of her life. She has always been able to spell it correctly as long as I've known her. The paper was supposedly signed on July 17 and filed with the court this week, so there was no hurry to sign it. Why is her name misspelled?

A reader responds:
i'm so very sorry about the ordeal you're being put through, i continue to wish you the best.

of all the inexplicable occurrences that you've described, this one sort of stands out a little more. i wish that i could explain to you exactly why. maybe, it's not much stranger than many of the others, but, here's my best "guess".

george, she's lawyer. we're laypersons, of course. this is a sworn declaration, that may have broader legal implications than other b.s.,previously submitted. maybe there's some sort of greater accountability, or repercussions to this particular document. she's an "officer of the court". there's a different set of standards of conduct and expectations placed on her to behave in greater accordance to the laws.

as one helpless dad to another, i'm going to go out on a big limb here. i suppose that, if, i were to want to prove, in the future, that i actually did not sign something myself, i might misspell my own first name to demonstrate how implausible it could be that it was MY signature, vs. not.

i could be so very wrong. even if i was right, or partially right, i wouldn't know what a person should do about it. it just seems to me, that out of the various, "fishy" things you've cited, this one stands out as "extra fishy".

as always, i appreciate the effort you exert to help your kids,other kids, and their families. i continue to pray for you and hope matters improve.
I really don't know. I do not believe that she can gain anything by disavowing the signature.

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