Friday, August 01, 2008

Letter from presiding judge

I had been told that commissioners are supervised by the presiding judge, and that I might get some relief from him. So I sent him a copy of my appeal brief. I just got this reply:
Please know that I, as Presiding Judge, have no authority to overrule or reconsider decisions made by any other judge, commissioner or pro tem judge of the court. (See Williams v. Superior Court (1939) 14 Cal 2d 656, 662-663). I am also prohibited from giving you legal advice.

Notwithstanding the review of the complaint, you may wish to act independently to review any possible avenues of legal redress in connection with the disposition of the case, in consideration of time limits associated with review of a court decision or appeal.

Very truly yours,

Presiding Judge of the Superior Court
cc: Alex Calvo, Chief Executive Officer
So I guess that he cannot do anything directly to help me. Nevertheless, he is an elected judge and he is responsible to supervising the commissioner, so I think that it was worthwhile informing him as to what a bad job the commissioner is doing.

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