Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Rosse letter not in the file

One thing that I did not find in the court file was the letter from Will Rosse. He was the part-time school psychologist who participated in the CPS investigation of my kids. I thought that he was particularly irresponsible and cruel to my kids, and I commented on what he did on this blog.

Rosse took it upon himself to try to intervene in my divorce case, and wrote a secret letter to the judge. I never saw a copy of the letter. Apparently he was annoyed that I described what he did on my blog, and wanted the court to do something about it. Comm. Joseph should have refused to accept the letter, but he read it and said that he was putting it in the file. It is not in the file.

I do think that it is really wrong for the court to work this way. If Rosse had some legitimate concerns about my kids, then he should tell me his concerns. He has not. Instead he secretly tells CPS and the court something -- I don't even know what -- and then he hopes that I will not find out.

The court is a public process. We had a public trial. If Rosse really had something important to say to the court, then he could have testified and answered questions at the trial. Or if he had something to tell me, he could have told me. But there is no way that he should be sending secret letters to the court, and no way Comm. Joseph should be accepting them. The system is too corrupt.

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