Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Complaining about the commissioner

I sent a complaint to Santa Cruz presiding judge Robert Atack about Commissioner Irwin Joseph. As I understand it, Atack is directly responsible for Comm. Joseph's performance on the job. Commissioners are not real judges, and someone has to hold them accountable for what they do.

I wonder if Judge Atack even knows how bad the situation is in Comm. Joseph's family court. Anyone who spends any time in Comm. Joseph's court can see that he is unfit for the job. But I don't think that Judge Atack supervises him closely enough.

Now that I have written to Judge Atack, he should be aware of some of the problems. I hope he takes some action.

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Anonymous said...

Please post the full name and address of whom to send a complaint. I have been looking for this information to file a complaint (complete with transcript) against Comm Joseph. He is on the record as stating that he is beginning a custody case at the wrong time and is aware of the fact the mother is not present. He begins anyway, thus turning a custody case into an ex parte hearing. He gives custody to the father. When mother became aware of this she fights it. Joseph is a sick man in a system with systemic corruption. I need to write to this judge who is in charge of him. Thank you.