Thursday, July 31, 2008

Response to lawyer request

I just sent this letter:
Dear Mr. Ritchey:

I received your letter asking me to remove some material from the web. Before I can address your request, I need some questions answered.

Are you claiming to represent my kids as their attorney? In what capacity? Under whose authority? Did you write the letter in behalf of my kids? Or are you acting in behalf of Julie or someone else? Do you have some personal interest in this matter?

I had thought that you were dismissed from the case at the beginning of the Jan. 9 hearing. You failed to show up for subsequent hearings. Even when you happened to be present in the courtroom on another matter, you did not make an official appearance in the case.

You were not present during the testimony in question. That testimony was on Jan. 4, and you decided to go on a family trip to Lake Tahoe instead. You were not present during subsequent court discussions about its confidentiality. As far as I know, you have no authorization to access the testimony and you do not even know whether the subject matter is confidential or not.

Please clarify your role in this case.
Then I just got another letter from some Sacramento lawyer named Barry Broad. He doesn't like my web site either.

I wonder why these jokers bother with snail mail. They would get a much faster response if they just sent me email or called me on the phone. They are obviously not in any hurry.

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