Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Commissioner Joseph keeps secret files

One of the common complaints about Santa Cruz family court is the way Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph makes decisions based on one-sided evidence. He will often accept a letter from one side of the case, and make a ruling based on it, without the other party even seeing the letter.

He even has the official court files organized to distinguish between the legitimate and illegitimate evidence. Each file has a right-hand-side that has proper filings, and a left-hand-side that has inadmissible junk that that should never have been accepted.

I believe that someone is currently filing a formal complaint against Comm. Joseph for this practice.

I have just learned that Junk Justice Joseph has recently adopted a worse policy. Now the court files often have a manila envelope in them that is marked "confidential". He has instructed the clerks that not even the parties to the case are allowed to look in the secret envelope, or even know what is in it!

This is really wrong. There is no way a court should be keeping files of secret evidence that is not even available to the parties in the case. Only a crooked judge would do something like that. Junk Justice Joseph should be fired immediately for maintaining secret evidence against litigants in his courtroom. The American justice system is based on both sides of a court case having all the evidence.


Anonymous said...

Do you know whether your file contains one of the "confidential" manila envelopes you referred to in this post ? What evidence is there for this practice ?

George said...

Yes, my court file contains a confidential manila envelope. I do not know what is in it.