Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nevada governor divorce goes public

Gov. Jim Gibbons of Nevada complains that his wife won't move out of the governor's mansion, and now his wife presents a strong legal argument for the court records being public. She also says:
It is so well accepted, and so well known that Judicial Notice can easily be taken of the fact that Mr. Gibbons’ wife has been his greatest asset. She has worked relentlessly and tirelessly to advance his career, and had stood by his side, at the most critical time in his quest to be elected Governor.

For just one example, even when, after consuming copious amounts of alcohol, and under the cover of darkness, in a garage in Las Vegas, the Plaintiff was accused of assaulting a young woman, bearing a striking resemblance, to the “other woman” referenced, below, that woman, too, like his wife now, was trashed and the Public was, again, misled.
I am sure we'll hear more of this.

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