Saturday, May 03, 2008

Why court shrinks like lawyers

I asked around about why the court shrinks prefer parents to have lawyers, and I got several explanations. The main reason is that the lawyers provide cover for various unethical practices.

The mainstream psychologists refuse to do child custody evaluations for the court because there is really no way to do them that complies with both court rules and professional ethics. The typical parent in divorce court does not realize this until he gets the final report and sees how bogus it is.

That is where the shrink can pass the buck to the lawyer. When the parent complains, the shrink can just say that he did what the lawyers hired him to do, and point to the lawyer for an explanation.

The lawyers, to my surprise, don't even know what the child custody evaluators are supposed to do. To the lawyers, the shrinks just make up another part of the system that the parents have to deal with.

Maybe I should be glad when a shrink rejects me because I don't have a lawyer. He is essentially admitting that he had unethical practices, and it is better to know that in advance.

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