Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Australian court orders sex swap for 12-year-old girl

Here is a story from Australia about a judge who overruled the father for the sake of th supposed best interest of the child:
A judge has allowed a 12-year-old Victorian girl to start a taxpayer-funded sex swap, despite objections from the child's father.

The girl has begun court-approved hormone treatment in the first step toward a complete gender switch.

The Family Court orders also permit the girl, who cannot be named, to apply for a new birth certificate, passport and Medicare card in a boy's name.

The application to allow the hormone treatment was lodged by the girl's mother.

A state government observer, an endocrinologist, a psychiatrist, a family counsellor and a lawyer acting on the child's behalf all supported the plan.

Only her father, who lives interstate, opposed the proposed sex change, though he did not attend the final court hearing and could not afford to send a lawyer on his behalf.

The court was told he could not accept that his daughter had always seen herself as a boy and considered her too young to make such a decision. ...

The child's lawyer told the court she considered the girl capable of making an informed decision.
I do not think that a 12-year-old is ever mature enough to make such a decision, and I do not thing that a judge is ever capable of deciding the best interest of the child (BIOTCH) in such a situation.

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