Saturday, May 10, 2008

Site rates courts and judges

The site has a page on Judge Irwin H. Joseph. The first comment says:
This guy is really a Commissioner

Irwin Joseph is a Commissioner currently serving in Family Court. Passed over for Judge. Paul Burdick got the Judgeship instead.

Commissioner Joseph has been reversed in 1 non-published opinion regarding an estate/inheritance case where he erred in substituting one property for another, less valuable property and at least 1 published family law case where he erred in attributing rental income to a litigant when the property was not rented out.

Commissioner Joseph is also known as the Commissioner that gave sentences to some protestors for making marks on a sidewalk and forcing homeless people out of a county park. He's not popular and has been called "Junk Justice Joseph".
On this page, the title gets abbreviating as "This guy is really a Commi". I thought someone was going to say that he is a Commie!"

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