Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Impeach the bad judges

WorldNetDaily reports:

An Internet campaign has been launched calling for the impeachment of the Texas judge who ordered hundreds of children at the compound owned by the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints church taken into state custody.

The online campaign, found at, targets Texas District Judge Barbara Walther, whose rulings later were overturned.

The more than 400 children taken from the polygamist sect's ranch two months ago were being returned to their parents this week, after the state Supreme Court ruled the seizure was not justified.

Walther submitted to the Supreme Court ruling by issuing an order that cleared the children to be released from the state's foster care program, where they had been since the law enforcement raid on the compound.

I don't know whether it will do any good, but I added my name to the petition. The bad judges should be identified, and kicked out of office.

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