Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Status statement on visitation

I had to file a status statement for a court appearance next week. Here is what I said about the evaluation that Comm. Joseph urged us to get:

Julie has still refused to let me visit my kids.

I cannot find a psychologist to replace Elizabeth Lee. I do not believe that it is even possible for one to satisfy this court and to meet legal and professional ethical requirements. I have called dozens of psychologists, and they all refuse for various reasons.

First, this court’s order appears to be contrary to Family Code 3111(a) and Court Rule 5.220(d)(1)(B)(ii), and no psychologist is willing to carry it out without the protection of a lawyer.

Second, the order is asking for something that is beyond professional ethics, and any psychologist would be likely to violate ethical norms by doing the evaluation. See, for example, Custody Disputed, by Robert E. Emery, Randy K. Otto and William O'Donohue, Scientific American Mind, Oct. 2005, p. 65-67, for an explanation of some of the ethical problems.

Third, Comm. Irwin Joseph has a reputation that scares away psychologists. They just don’t want to be part of a court case with such poor prospects of a reasonable judicial outcome.

This court has prevented me from seeing my kids. I have a right to see my kids. There is no legitimate reason for preventing me from seeing my kids.

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Keoni Galt said...

George, I just discovered your blog from the Men's Rights Blog Feed. and I spent a significant chunk of my afternoon yesterday reading through your archives. Today I've posted about your blog on MisForMalevolent . The owner of that blog went through a nasty divorce as well, and his blog archives have a lot of similar experiences as you relate at the hands of the corrupt, family destroying family court system.

Keep up the fight, and good luck George! I wish you the best in your ongoing struggles to remain an actively involved Dad!