Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ex-wife files status statement

My ex-wife just file this, for a court appearance on Friday:
B. Since our last status conference the following has occurred:


I am not aware of any efforts on George's part to contact a supervisor for supervised visitation.

Trial Date Setting

I respectfully request the court to set a trial date in July or September regarding the division of community property. I estimate that the time will take, at most, will be 2 hours. I have not been able to obtain my last set of financial records which I subpoenaed months ago. However, I have decided that George's financial disclosures in response to repeated requests, as he has testified are complete, are enough to show that certain assets obtained during marriage, are in fact community property and not separate property as he claims.

Back Child and Spousal Support

I have a hearing date set for next month for a motion to compel payment of back child and spousal support totaling close to $30,000, including interest accrued.

Child Custody Evaluation

Of all of the appropriate evaluators whom I had contacted regarding a child custody evaluation, for most of them, the only reason why each one did not want to perform the evaluation was George's blogsite, in which he projects a negative image of people with whom he has issues.

George writes about various reasons (other than because of himself) in his status conference statement why the dozens of evaluators whom he contacted do not want to become involved in our case. I respectfully submit to the court that, like any other situation that George wants to sabotage, George probably purposely argued non stop over inane petty details and made outrageous statements, until whomever he spoke with disclaimed any interest in getting involved with him.

I also respectfully submit to the court that if George really wanted to move the case along, he would and could cooperate at least only to the extent that he does not drive people away.

Julie Travers
I don't see how she could claim that I owe her $30k, but I guess I'll find out.

It would be interesting if the shrinks actually had to testify under oath as to why they are refusing. Otherwise, they may be lying.

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