Monday, July 25, 2005

My wife is vacationing in Massachusetts with our kids and with Bruce Travers, her boyfriend. Now she is asking the judge to deny me my scheduled time with the kids. I just got this from Jennifer Gray, her lawyer:
Petitioner requests that an uninterrupted two-week visitation be denied pending the outcome of the court-ordered full psychological evaluation.
We've four outside reports so far, and they have all recommended 50-50 custody. None has found anything that I have ever done wrong. No abuse, neglect, drunkenness, drugs, illegal activities, or anything bad. Now she wants a fifth report.

This is just maliciousness on my wife's part. She knows that the kids have been begging to go on a trip with me. We have a court-ordered schedule that is extremely favorable to her. It lets me have the kids for a 2-week period during the summer, and now she is trying to take that away.


Anonymous said...

I highly recommend that you request full detailed records of your wife's lawyer's billing - total accounting with hours billed, rates for each hour, court filing fees etc.

When my brother's wife left him for her boyfriend who she had been having an affair with for quite awhile before leaving him for the other guy, she wanted as much money as possible from my brother so that she wouldn't have to work and still be able to play all the time with the new guy; so, she hired her cousin as her lawyer, and then had him over-bill my brother considerably, mandated to be paid by him by the judge, and later on he found out that the cousin was kicking down to her the over-pay so that she could have my brother's money quicker than the court system worked.... nasty evil woman. Anyway, I think that I remember you writing that your wife's lawyer is a friend of the boyfriend that she left you for..... Worth checking up on by you and your lawyer if your gut is questioning the billing.

Anonymous said...

Just becaause your wife's lawyer requests that you not have 2 weeks vacation time with your kids, does not mean that the judge will grant the request... Seems to me that your wife hasn't gone in for her court required psch eval. yet neither, and therefore according to her own reasoning, she should not have been allowed to take your kids away with her single unmarried honey - (by the way, do you know where your wife sleeps when she is with her boyfriend and the kids? What morals is she teaching your kids - or lack of!) You need to be more agressive with that new judge. If she and her lawyer are being malicious and vindictive, than show this to the judge! If truly you have 4 psych evals. that allege that you are safe and a good parent, then a fifth request will be obvious to the judge to be excessive. Have you completed those paranting classes yet? If not, then she may have reason to restrict your visitation until all court mandated stipulations be fulfilled. Just do what you need to do to be the best father possible to your girls and just grit through the hoops set up to trip you by the court and your wife's lawyer - in the end, the classes, the interviews etc. will be over, and you will have your relationship with your kids to build upon - and after-all, isn't that what really matters?