Friday, July 29, 2005

Believer in civility

This is from the transcript of my June 29 hearing before Judge Joseph:
THE COURT: One other thing, sir. I'm a strong believer in civility. When I talk about someone in moving papers or read about someone in moving papers, I expect a "Mr." or "Ms." or attorney or counselor. When you just throw someone's name at me for the purposes of getting effect, that's not appropriate. It's not polite. Okay. So next time you file something, would you please in front of Miss Gray's name put some sort of adjective. Okay?


THE COURT: We should share the fees on the psych eval.
Note that I just agreed to put in some sort of adective. So I could refer to my wife's lawyer as "the lying scumbag Jennifer Gray" and comply.

Note also that the judge clearly said that the psych eval fees are to be shared. He said it again later, and he clearly thought that we ought to be both invested into the process. Nevertheless, the lying scumbag Miss Gray just sent me a proposed order which says, "Respondent is ordered to advance all fees for this psychological evaluation; the issue of allocation is reserved."

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