Monday, July 25, 2005

Sleeping arrangements

A reader asks if I know where my wife sleeps when she is with her boyfriend and the kids.

I don't know. My wife has told the kids a carefully constructed set of lies to the kids. She does sleep over at Bruce's house, with the kids, on a regular basis. She has told the kids that Bruce is not really a boyfriend, and that they should not talk about Bruce or his house to me. I don't know where they all sleep, as I doubt that Bruce has enough beds for everyone.

I don't like to ask about the situation, because the kids know that their mom is lying to them, and the subject is painful for them.

I expect that our divorce decree will issue soon, and then my wife will be an ex-wife, and she will announce to the kids that she and Bruce have started dating. The kids will not be surprised, as they know that she has been dating Bruce since before the divorce filing.

I do hope that the kids have better morals when they grow up.


Anonymous said...

Do you know if the boyfriend lives alone or with room-mates? If he has room-mates that are single men, you may be able to get a judge to forbid/restrain your wife from staying over at his house with the 2 girls..... These days with pedophiles being so prevelent in our society, one can never be too careful! If she claims that you are an unfit father for putting your daughters at risk of sex-offenders in the isles of a Toys R Us, then how unfit is she if she lets her daughters hang out over-night with single adult men? And do the men drink?? Are the girls EVER left alone with the new boyfriend or his friends? etc. You may have some rights/recourse that you have not tapped into yet!

George said...

Sigh. Yes, the boyfriend has a male roommate.