Monday, July 25, 2005

Lawyer overbilling

I got a suggestion to get full detailed records of my wife's lawyer's billing. Yes, I intend to do this. The lawyer, Ms. Jennifer Gray, is very dishonest, and I am about 90% sure that she has cooked the books in order to get me to pay more of her fees. I believe that I can prove if I ever get my hands on the detailed records.

Ms. Gray's main objective seems to be to run up bills. She now says:
Pending the court’s signature on a Findings and Order After Hearing, Petitioner intends to bring further motion(s) to compel Respondent to comply with discovery and previous court orders if the information is not provided to counsel.
She has pulled this stunt before. The last time she brought a compel motion, she got exactly the documents that were available to her before bringing the motion. She is just bringing motions in order to inflate her bill.

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