Monday, July 11, 2005

Finding a shrink

I gave a name of a psych evaluator to my wife (and her lawyer), and they are stonewalling me. She refuses to say whether she will cooperate or not.

I may have jumped the gun by giving her a name. I don't much about him except his name, address, and phone number. He has a bilingual answering machine message, and he apparently gets a lot of Mexican referrals. I have no idea whether he is a kook or not. I just signed up with the first one I found who said that he could do it.

I am getting some info on some other psychologists. If my wife refuses this one for some reason, then I will be able to name someone that I know a little more about.

If she doesn't cooperate, I guess I'll just have to go myself, and get a report based on what I tell him. I don't think that she really wants that.

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