Monday, July 04, 2005

Broken bone report

I just learned more about Judge Kelly's condition. He was the family court judge. He did indeed break his fibula (lower leg bone), just as I did. It was a fluke accident in his backyard. He also has some unusual complications, but they are all treatable. He is 60 years old. It didn't sound like there is any reason that he cannot fully recover, so maybe the rumors of his retirement were incorrect.

He was planning on going backpacking in Bolivia by himself this summer. He must be glad he is not sitting in a Bolivian hospital right now.

It is still a little ironic that a few months ago he was lecturing me on what a dangerous place our little beach town is. Accidents can happen anywhere. I glad that the kids haven't had any serious accidents. There have been some minor problems, but all on my wife's watch. If an accident had occurred on my watch, I'd be in trouble.

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