Friday, June 13, 2014

Stanford pressured to regulate sex conduct

The Obama administration is forcing colleges to take a guilty-until-proved-innocent policy towards sexual assaults, and here is the latest story:
A Stanford sexual assault victim, furious that her assailant will be allowed to gra ed rapidly online this week. ...

"This is a historic moment when there is an unprecedented movement for change," said Benjy Mercer-Golden, a junior who directs the student government's new Task Force on Sexual Assault and Relationship Abuse. "We think where Stanford goes, other universities will follow." ...

In January, Francis, a senior majoring in English, reported she was raped while away from campus during winter break by a classmate she knew. Five months later, after a hearing process she described as nightmarish and draining, a Stanford panel found the young man responsible for sexual assault, sexual misconduct and violating the Stanford code of conduct, according to university documents Francis provided. (A police investigation in their hometown remains open, and no charges have been filed, she said.)

Francis said she was appalled to learn his suspension would not begin until after his June 15 graduation and that he would be able to return to Stanford for graduate school in 2015.
If there is evidence of a crime, then the cops can bring charges. The girl could also file her own lawsuit.

But how is this Stanford's business? The two kids were boyfriend/girlfriend, and dating 100s of miles from Stanford. It appears to be a simple he-said-she-said situation. Maybe she consented on previous dates, but not the last one. Who knows?

The could have paid as much as $200k for that Stanford diploma. On what grounds could Stanford withhold it, considering that the boy has never been charged with any crime.

Imagine if you paid $200k for a house, went to the closing to get the title, and the escrow officer said that you could not have the title because a jilted ex-girlfriend in another state has posted a rant against you on the internet. You would be able to sue that escrow officer and win.

Likewise Stanford does not the power or ability to sort out these petty disputes and mete out harsh punishments. This is feminist Democrat foolishness instigated by Pres. Barack Obama.


Anonymous said...

How is the Obama administration involved with this ? I didn't see any reference to Obama in the story or link.

George said...

Click the link on the first line to see how the Obama administration forced the colleges to drop the presumption of innocence.

Anonymous said...

I can't find a single word about Obama or his administration.

George said...

It is in the linked story, but I will spell it out for you in another post.