Thursday, December 20, 2012

No parental rights in Sweden

I sometimes get a suggestion to move to a more enlightened country. Unfortunately, the other countries are worse, as far as I know. Consider this story:
First the Swedish government took their son away. Now an appeals court has terminated their parental rights -- all because they homeschooled their son.

Dominic Johannson has been in state custody since 2009.

In June, he and his family experienced a glimmer of hope when a district court ruled the Johannsons could retain their parental rights. Now an appeals court has reversed that decision.

CBN News Repoter Dale Hurd has been following this story from the beginning. He recently spoke with the family's former attorney about it.

"The laws concerning the taking of children in their care are like a rubber band," Ruby Harrold-Claesson, with the Nordic Committee on Human Rights, told CBN News. "You can stretch it in any direction and the social workers never do wrong. They always have the backing of the administrative courts."

"One social worker said to me, the administrative courts, they're our courts. You know the courts are supposed to be for the people," she said.

Claesson said this is a problem in all the Nordic countries. She's filing reports on human rights violations against all "child protection systems" there.
I guess the Nordic countries do not have any parental rights or due process.


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I disagree this is becoming and epidemic everywhere .my 6 children were taken in utah by dcfs after we called the fire department because our carbon monoxide alarm had been going off all week.they called it mental abuse,because 1 we were reading the Bible at 1am after our son had a bad dream and we wanted to get a quick scripture to help calm him.thats when we noticed our little girl's nose bleeding for the third time that day and called the fire department to make sure it wasn't from carbon monoxide.the cops found it bizarre that night and for all our kids off of me screaming.they said that they were just taking me to the hospital to get checked.they promised my mom was on her way yet they never even contacted her.our kids have been in foster care since August of 2012.we have done parenting classes and drug test daily.the parenting classes were kicked out and so was my psychological I did on my own for 11 days.the judge said she wanted to start fresh and ordered another psychological evaluation even though mine showed i was perfectly psychological has now come back for the second time except this is there psychiatrist and she saying that I'm too optimistic.and the same goes for my newborn has been bitten and abused by his first foster parent all over his little body.he has now been moved with his brothers and sisters but my 9 year old was put in a psychiatric ward because he couldn't take being away from us.he is now back at the foster care and on 100 milligrams of Seroquel just to keep him stable.if you want to know what's really going on lookup Nancy Schaefer the 1 the government murdered for telling the truth.we as a people are in a lot of trouble right now and don't even realize it we think if we hide behind closed doors as other kids are taken away that we can protect our children but the truth is your children are next if you don't stand up and start doing something about it!

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just to add to my last message the people that fought for their son did the right thing however it's us as their neighbors and Citizens that need to be fighting with them when they go to these court hearings and standing outside of the courthouses.but as in my case my church and everyone around us got scared and cowared down and all they have to say is they will pray for us but they need to stay away until this is resolved because they are worried about being red flag.truthfully they should be worried the way they're acting.because iif people like us that are 1 of the closest family that just got back from Disneyland and went to Chuck E Cheese everyday and lagoon not to mention wheeler farm and camping,could get all of our kids taken away that have had them in private schools just to make sure they got the best educationand woke up thankful every morning that we were so lucky to have these children,Ben what are normal family going to do that arent so extravagent with their kids?once again this isnt about us as the parents that are being abused by the government standing up, this is about us as the people standing up together as 1 against this crooked government that makes 250,000 dollars per child per year.this is all about money and its spreading like wildfire without anyone realizing it's happening. the new Hitler series. Its time for all of us to stand up together and say our children are not for sale!