Monday, December 10, 2012

Attacks on free speech

Here is a video report on a recent Toronto university protest against Warren Farrell speaking on problems facing boys. There is more video of the protest here (annotated).

The protesters seems confused. Farrell is not a right-winger, and he actively supports about 90% of the goals of feminism. Most of his work involves helping men and women in relationships. In particular, he helps men understand female views, needs, and feelings.

Some of what he says draws attention to differences between male and female thinking. I guess that upsets some radical feminists who refuse to accept any male-female differences.

He has also published summaries of research showing that joint custody and shared parenting works best for kids. This has alienated some feminists who believe in mother custody.

I am watching some court cases that will affect free speech. California has a new law restricting psychologists from telling the truth about gays, and federal law restricts drug companies from telling the truth about off-label uses. There is a Virginia lawsuit over negative reviews in Yelp, and a woman has been ordered to delete some accusations. Some states try to ban recording govt officials. I have had to remove some testimony and report quotes from this blog, because I was threatened with jail for contempt of court.


Anonymous said...

So, what's the "truth about gays" that the psychologists can't tell ?

George said...

The Calif. law prohibits any "mental health providers" from telling any truths to a minor if those truths tend to "reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same sex." You can follow the above link for the text of the law.