Monday, July 09, 2012

Innately Jewish advice

A Jewish women's site said a few days ago:
Abigail van Buren and Ann Landers

On Independence Day we celebrate the birthdates of two Fiercely Independent Jewish Women who helped raise just about every baby boomer I know.

Growing up in the ‘50s in a working-class suburb of Columbus, Ohio, as soon as I could read, I was instructed by Abby (Abigail van Buren) and Ann Landers on what to say to the grocer who cheated you, how to handle a friend who’s bad-mouthed you or whether or not to leave your husband (heretical in that pre-Feminine Mystique era). Their mantra: “Are you better off with him or without him?”

Even then I knew the issues in their columns were more real than the ‘news” that packed the rest of the paper. And, as millions of fans around the globe looked on, as often as they held letter-writers’ feet to the fire, they also sent solace and an innately Jewish ethical sensibility into the world.

One memorable response, even a half-century later: When a woman wrote that her boyfriend was perfect except for one small flaw –– he was extraordinarily cheap –– Abby warned her to break up with the guy, and pronto. A man who can not give of material resources, she wrote with a heat that radiated off the page, will not be able to give time or tenderness either. Now aint that the truth.
Only Jews could possibly think that they are sending "an innately Jewish ethical sensibility into the world." How crazy is that? There aren't Italians giving innately Italian advice, or Baptists giving innately Baptist advice. Just Jews giving innately Jewish advice.

Their mantra is profoundly anti-marriage and anti-Christian. Typical Christian marriage vows are "for better for worse, ..., till death us do part". Their advice is to decide on a divorce as if no marriage commitment had ever been made. Jews do not even say wedding vows.

Apparently Jewish women decide to marry a man based mainly on how much money he spends on her. Abby is unconcerned with love, integrity, and all the other qualities that other women look for in a man. Just giving material resources.

All of this would not be my concern, except that a Jewish judge appointed a Jewish psychologist to apply that innately Jewish advice to take my kids away. They did not apply the law, or the facts, or psychology, or any social science about what is good for kids. They just applied their own bigoted anti-Christian hatred.


Anonymous said...

"heretical in that pre-Feminine Mystique era"

LOL as if Betty Friedan was not a lying commie. Her husband has written of how she smeared him. It's an illuminating account.

"Their mantra: “Are you better off with him or without him?”

Is he good as a property or not?

Anonymous said...

"And all I ever got was that he was a Jew who hates Christians and who will use his power to punish those he does not like."

What do you mean by this ? What did he say or do that proved that he hates Christians ?

How are you even sure that the psychologist was Jewish ?

Unknown said...

I remember when Morgentaler, the famous abortionist who defied Canadian abortion law and was later made a hero as pioneer of women's rights was awarded an order of Canada medal; replied to a questioner on whether or not his work caused him second thoughts:
" No, I know am terminating future Nazi's"
(This was is 1984)

Anonymous said...

What does a Canadian abottionist have to do comments written about Dear Abby ? or Someone who wrote a psych eval. for family court, that George just thinks is Jewish ?

Does anyone believe that George is some kind of Nazi ?

Anonymous said...

I doubt that the judge and psychologist took away your kids because they are "anti-Christian". I am sure that there are plenty of other cases under their jurisdiction in which the kids were NOT taken away, even though the kids/parents were Christians. Barbara

Roberto said...

Aw man, don't you just hate when stereotypes come true! LOL

George said...

Barbara, the evil judge and psychologist cannot take kids away from everyone. But let me know if you find an example of a Christian judge and psychologist who do what the evil officials in my case did.

Anonymous said...

"Don't use condoms" is not innately Catholic advice?

Innate personality disorders are what lost your family for you... not the Jewishness of the officials who had to ultimately deal with your fuck-up! Take some responsibility, man.

Your observations and conclusions make it sound like you walk around much of the day with your head up your ass!

George said...

No, "Don't use condoms" is not innately Catholic advice. It id not innate. You can easily find the reasons for Catholic teachings if you wish.

If I lost my kids due to innate personality disorders, then Perlmutter committed perjury when he testified that I did not have any personality disorders.