Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Racist rant goes viral

The UK Mirror newspaper reports:
A MUM was kept in custody for her own safety yesterday after a video allegedly showing her launching a racist rant was posted online.

Emma West, 34, appeared in court charged with a racially-aggravated public order offence. Magistrates denied her bail over fears of revenge attacks.

The clip shows a woman with a child sitting on her lap on a tram shouting at other passengers. At one point she declares they should go back to their own country, saying they’re not British because they are black.
Here is the video. She is being obnoxious, but she is not threatening the anybody. I guess there is no free speech in the UK. I never heard of anyone denied bail for a racist comment.

If she did this in the USA, she could not be prosecuted for her rant, but my guess is that someone would call CPS. She has a toddler on her lap, and someone would claim that she was endangered her child with her provocative comments. With mandatory reporting of suspicions, I am not so sure that she would be free to express her opinions.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why she was denied bail ? Was it for as you say, a "racisct comment ? or because of as you say, "magistrates denied her bail over fears of revenge attacks." " or because as you say, " kept in custody for her own safety" ?

George said...

The newspaper said, "Magistrates denied her bail". That is all I know. In the USA, bail is supposed to be only used to guarantee appearance in court, and not to stop revenge attacks. No one attacked her on the train. If people are threatening her, then they should be the subject of police action.

duncan said...

No Brirish person should ever tell a African person to go back any where. The "British" entire lively hood depends on the African resources. Think before you speak; idiots.