Thursday, November 10, 2011

Need for psychoeducation during infancy

I have posted many times on the evils of the psychology profession, and here is some new bogus research that demonstrates more ideology than science:
A new research study suggests prejudice based on generalized beliefs about certain social groups could be a personality trait.

Researchers from the University of the Basque Country confirmed the link between two types of discriminatory behavior: sexism and racism. They also urge education in encouraging equality. ...

As a result of the findings, the authors strongly believe in the importance and need for psychoeducation during infancy and adolescence as a way of encouraging equality among both sexes and respect for others. ...

“Men with higher levels of hostile sexism describe themselves using adjectives associated with masculinity, i.e. physically strong, brave, sure of themselves, determined, admirable, etc” said Garaigordobil.

“Women who display hostile sexism described themselves using characteristics that go against femininity such as not very cooperative, not very tolerant, not very compassionate and not very sensitive or sentimental.”
Just what "psychoeducation during infancy" are they advocating? I hate to think what sort of brainwashing they have in mind. This is an example of misrepresenting science in order to promote an ideology.

Yes, a lot of people believe that men and women are different, and that it is only natural and appropriate that they serve different roles in our society. I think that it is fair to say that the vast majority of all people in the history of human civilization have believed that.

For a contrary view, Yahoo sports reports on female atheletes who want to be just like the men:
Women will get a chance to box in the Olympics for the first time in 2012. If the Amateur International Boxing Association has anything to say about it, they will be wearing skirts. ... Unsurprisingly, many top female boxers are against this plan. Three-time world champion Katie Taylor from Ireland does not want to wear something that she would find uncomfortable while fighting:
"It's a disgrace that they're forcing some of the women to wear those mini-skirts. We should be able to wear shorts, just like the men.
"I won't be wearing a mini-skirt. I don't even wear mini-skirts on a night out, so I definitely won't be wearing mini-skirts in the ring."
No, I do not agree with Olympic medal for female boxing, but I guess I am a sexist.

I would not be surprised if some new edition of the psychiatric diagnostic manual, the DSM-IV, says that you have a psychological personality disorder if you think that the women boxers should wear skirts. Next there will be govt day care centers with psychoeducation for infants in order to eradicate such views.


Anonymous said...

Good grief, George! Where do you find all these articles about ridiculous psychologists? Are there any decent, intelligent ones out there?

George said...

One of my loyal readers sent me that one. But just pick up a copy of Psychology Today at the newsstand. It is filled with nutty stuff.