Friday, November 11, 2011

Unmarried try to hire divorce lawyer

Louisiana TV reports:
Unmarried Couples Find Divorce Difficult
Couples Who 'Live Together' Are Hoping To Divorce Legally

NEW ORLEANS -- Divorce isn't easy; but it's even harder for couples who didn't get married in the first place.

One New Orleans attorney says he has seen an increase in the number of unmarried couples who want to file for a legal divorce.

"If you do not have a plan or you don't know your situation and you're not really understanding of the law it could be really bad for you, you could have a rude awakening at the end," says Hamilton Law Associates lawyer Peter Hamilton.

Louisiana is a community property state, a measure that applies only for married couples.

The Pew Research Center looked at the marriage trend and found that 39 percent of people feel marriage is becoming obsolete.
They want divorce lawyers in family court when they never got married? Really?

Maybe they have kids. Family court judges want to take control of parents whether there was any marriage or not. Yes, marriage is becoming obsolete, and part of that is because family courts require parenting plans, support payments, character assassinations, etc, whether the couple was ever married or not.

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