Monday, November 28, 2011

Naming the accuser

A reader asks how I know who complained to CPS about me.

I first heard about a CPS investigation when I posted this Nov. 9, 2007 summary of a CPS agent interviewing me. A week later, the Sheriff seized my kids, based on an ex-parte motion from my ex-wife, Julie Travers.

The CPS agent, Sally Mitchell, later released a report to the public record. I posted it on the net, but later had to take it down. Some of my readers probably have copies of it. It describes a "reporting party" with a bunch of bizarre and false allegations, such as running over dogs with my car. Mitchell later implied that the reporting party had some connection to the school, but there was a false allegation about me being banned the classroom, making it unlikely that she talked to either of my kids' teachers. I had recently volunteered in their classrooms, and was obviously not banned. Mitchell notified my ex-wife of the investigation, but did not ask her for an interview.

At a later custody trial, my ex-wife testified that she called CPS with her own complaint, the day before she brought her motion to seize our kids. She implied that she did not really agree with the previous complaint, but wanted to use the opportunity to gain sole custody. She did not say what her complaint was, except that we missed one day of school.

It was a very radical step for Cmr. Irwin H. Joseph to order the sheriff to seize my kids, on the ex-parte request of a bitter ex-wife who wanted sole custody. The CPS report did not recommend any action to the court, and Mitchell admitted that she did not get any adult confirmation of any of the allegations. None of the allegations involved health or safety or any cause for immediate concern. Cmr. Joseph made it clear on Dec. 6, 2007 that his action was entirely contingent on being led to believe that a forthcoming CPS report would justify what he had done.

The only allegations that Judge Heather D. Morse recognized in her April 7, 2011 decision were (cited in this motion):
the court asked George how he thought his children might feel about experiences being adduced into evidence, such as enrolling them in a math test which was reportedly way above their abilities; and resetting their alarm clock which prevented them from being prepared for school.
My ex-wife obviously complained about me to CPS, and then made some sort of back-room deal with Mitchell. Sometimes I say that, and one of my readers accuses me of having a conspiracy theory, and not having proof of the deal. I don't know why he would doubt the deal, as the above events could not have happened without a CPS deal. But if you don't want to believe in a deal, that's fine with me, as the parties are even more culpable if there was no deal.

The above story is why I say that my ex-wife made a bogus complaint to CPS. She did take the initiative to call CPS on Nov. 15, 2011 with a complaint about me, and she used it the next day to make a motion to gain temporary sole custody of our two kids. I say that the complaint was bogus because it was not about anything that would be considered abuse or neglect under California law. Mitchell admitted, under oath, that there were no allegations that would give CPS any jurisdiction over the case. And the psychologist that Joseph appointed to investigate the allegations, Ken Perlmutter, testified under oath that there was nothing that could be considered abuse under California law or psychology standards, and that he was unable to find anything wrong with my parenting practices. Every other witness also testified that there was no abuse.

It has now been over four years that my ex-wife got temporary sole custody pending an evaluation, and our kids are still living under temporary court orders.

Part of the problem is that no one will admit that the court has made a terrible mistake. At this point, I wish that I had made some identifiable mistake. Then the court could have ordered some sort of corrective measure. As it is, none of their experts has ever been able to identify anything that I have done wrong. So Judge Morse just continues to issue temporary orders, and ignore the fact that this entire mess is completely the result of a bogus CPS complaint from Julie Travers four years ago.


Anonymous said...

Your comment"Part of the problem is that no one will admit that the court has made a terrible mistake."

My comments: Court personal, evaluators, lawyers, and affiliates could not give any appearance that they did any mistake or wrong. So once issued wrongly, they all stick with "code of silence" to not to do any. Unfortunately, they protect themselves knowing they just wronged children. This is CRUEL and sad money making practice by releasing a beast (system) in the middle of a separated family. In marketing, it is known as demand generation for lawyers and affiliates.

This is a corrupt practice and needs to be challenged and hold them responsible and send them to jail and hold them with punitive damages for loss of time with children and corrupting a separated family dynamics.

Children are affected for not to have regular contact with both parents.

Obviously, this was planned attempt to make false allegations to CPS and file ex-parte for sole custody. Why would you think such a parent will act civil with kids and environment. Parent would force kids to alienate and isolate other parent and corrupt children.

Anonymous said...

“I am focusing on the Georgia Department of Family and Children
Services (DFCS). However, I believe Child Protective Services
nationwide has become corrupt and that the entire system is broken
almost beyond repair.” Senator Nancy Schaefer February, 2008

Nancy Schaefer, and her husband, died March, 2010. The official Georgia State Police explanation for
her death was "murder-suicide." The senator had just completed a film documentary about corruption
in courts, cops, CPS and so on with Director Bill Bowen when she was murdered. She was gunned
down with her husband in their home. The film they produced was exposing high level government
leaders including reportedly a government led pedophile ring.

Bill Bowen was found dead approximately 5 months later.

The crooks in the system also take children from married parents and put them in foster care. A similar scheme puts the elderly in nursing homes. (

It's all about the "right" people making money. Dads, no one cares about you or your children.

Anonymous said...

10:42 AM Agree to your comments.

Both parents are being played. Parent's exploiting incentives and motives build in the system to the tune or traps of legal system.

It is not going to change until all players (lawyers, judges, evaluators, cps, parent, etc.) are hold responsible with jail time and financial damages.

Children and parents are severely impacted and burdened with bullshit and stress. I raise few children, this conflict generation by system is too much interference to family destroying our peace, genuine effort to parent kids, and have precious to plan our lives.

Unfortunately, no one come forwards to pool in resources to fight this atrocities. People are exhausted so legal system wins to make money.

George said...

I praised Nancy Schaefer in 2008, and
lamented her murder earlier this year. She had some very powerful enemies in Georgia politics, because of her opposition to CPS.

Yes, all of the players should be held responsible for what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

re-reading an earlier post where you conclude something to the effect that those working in the family law system are more than incompetent do-gooders, but outright evil, I'd say both are legitimate claims. There's an expression/concept called "the banality of evil" that was used to describe why so many people went along with the atrocities of Hitler's Jewish uber-pogram as well as Josef Stalin wiping out 30MM of his own citizens. The hypothesis states that these crimes weren't committed by intrinsically evil people, but people coerced by believing the ideology of an evil leader. They believe they are doing good and "doing the right thing" via peer pressure and strong leadership. How valid that is debatable but I think there's a kernel of truth and insight into that concept that's applicable to the family law minions.

Remember, you can blame feminism, communism, whatever, but at the end of the day those are simply the flavors of what is a basic human behavior. Understanding that behavior and how to combat it is more important than getting hung up on the ideology driving it. Understand the ideology, yes, but don't let that distract you from the real issue.

George said...

I agree that evil people can seem normal when you meet them. See Banality of evil.

If the problem were just incompetence, then it could be solved by sending those court experts back to school to get real degrees in the subject matter, and sending the judges to seminars on the rules of evidence. But that would be like sending Nazis to new-age consciousness-raising seminars. It vastly understates the problem.