Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Five Jewish stereotypes

This is a touchy subject, but here are five Jewish stereotypes:
  1. Matriarchy. Under Jewish law, Jewish identity is defined by maternal ancestry. The Jewish mother stereotype generally involves a nagging, overprotective, manipulative, controlling, smothering, and overbearing mother or wife, who persists in interfering in her children's lives long after they have become adults.
  2. Emotional dependence on outside psychotherapists and belief in therapism. From ancient rabbis to Sigmund Freud to Woody Allen, Jews are famous for believing people are dysfunctional emotional wrecks who need outside guidance to manage their lives.
  3. Opposition to Christian family values. Whenever an American politician extols the merits of family values, about 90% of the Jews vote against him. This happens even when the politician is firmly pro-Israel.
  4. Greed. From Shakespeare's Shylock to Bernie Madoff, Jews are famous for preying on human trust and vulnerability, and extracting every dollar they can.
  5. Emasculated boys. The nice Jewish boy stereotype is that of an emasculated neurotic wimp who is especially vulnerable to domination and manipulation by women, including his possessive and infantilizing Jewish mother as well as the Jewish-American princess whose consumption he slaves to bankroll.
In contrast, John Wayne symbolized American ideals such as rugged individualism, emotional restraint, and physical aggression, and Leave It to Beaver exalted traditional American familialism and the nuclear family.

Jews themselves acknowledge most of these stereotypes. Glenn Sacks writes:
Why didn't I marry a Jewish woman? The reason I lost interest in many Jewish women was the generally contemptuous, belittling, and bigoted attitude that so many of them have towards men.
Lots of Jews don't match these stereotypes at all, of course. About 25% of them even vote Republican.

Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph ordered a child custody evaluation by Kenneth B. Perlmutter, a Palo Alto psychologist whose personality, attitude, and opinions matched all of those stereotypes. Perlmutter wrote the court order that took away my joint legal custody of my kids, and charged me $28,000. Joseph rubber-stamped it. Joseph and Perlmutter are common Jewish surnames.

When I asked Perlmutter, under oath, for the basis of his conclusions, he admitted that they were not based on any legal or psychological principles, and that he had no evidence of any validity to his method. So why did he do it? If he gave some reason other than his personal prejudices, then maybe I would take that at face value, but he did not.

As noted below, the psychology profession is dominated by Jews, and an unethical quack like Perlmutter would have been run out of town if it were not for other Jewish psychologists and court officials who approve of what he does.

If I had a Mormon evaluator who applied Mormon law against me, then I would complain about Mormon influence on the court.

If I had a math-phobic social worker complain that teaching math to a girl was child abuse, then I would complain about that. (That is more or less what happened, and I have complained about it on this blog.)

I know that this is politically incorrect subject matter, but I disagree with my kids being taken away from me, and I would like to address the reasons for that happening. It seems to me that a big factor is the prejudice of Jewish psychologists. Am I wrong?

I am trying to get at the root of the problem. Several of my readers argue that the shrinks are just incompetent and greedy, and not subject to any other biases. I used to think that, but I don't anymore. They are ideologically driven to destroy American values.


Anonymous said...

how do you account for a greedy sociopath like Larry Ellison?

George said...

I can't explain all Jews. A lot of corporate CEOs are greedy sociopaths, according to this article.

Anonymous said...

Perlmutter would have been run out of town if it were not for other Jewish psychologists

Which other Jewish psychologists are you referring to ?

big factor is the prejudice of Jewish psychologists. Am I wrong?

How many have you had experiences with ? One ? How many are here in S.C. ?

Anonymous said...

having gone through numerous court mandated evaluations by shrinks Jewish and goy (n = 8) I'd have to say I found no discernible difference between the two groups. They were uniformly rotten.

George said...

Perlmutter's office is in Palo Alto, where there are a lot of Jews. He would not be able to do what he does if it were not for others like him.

Yes, other shrinks apply their own personal prejudices. I am just exploring the prejudices of Jewish evaluators.

Anonymous said...

How many jews vs. non jews have you dealt with ?

How many gays vs. non gays have you dealt with ?

how do the non jews / non gays differ from the jews/gays ?

Or, are you saying they are all rottren, regardless of jew, non jew, gay, non gay ?

Anonymous said...

How many have you had experiences with ? One ? How many are here in S.C. ? None ?

Anonymous said...

seems to me relying on stereotypes of a cultural/religious group as well as the propaganda of a media image portraying some imaginary "ideal American" (JW never served, btw, unlike a lot of his colleagues at the time) is dangerous and murky thinking, George. Data. Hard data.

George said...

The Santa Cruz evaluators have been Johnson, Muccilli, Katz, and Lee. Johnson is gay. Muccilli died from severe obesity. Katz is Jewish. Lee is ... maybe I will detail what is wrong with her another time. They are (or were) all bad but they have somewhat different prejudices.

I wasn't saying that John Wayne was personally a great man. I have no idea about his personal life. I mean that his movie roles portray certain American ideals that some people admire, and some people despise.

Anonymous said...

I'd say we need more of a Dirty Harry than John Wayne to deal w/the family law industry. Though a cavalry charge through the courts wouldn't be a bad idea either.....

Anonymous said...

I don't think that just being Jewish is the problem. I think it is the blatant conflict of interest of the court ordered psychologist. Of course, the psychologist is dependent on the courts for clients, so it will inherently write an opinion to please the court, not to serve justice.
Another thing is, psychology in itself is a quack profession. To my shame, I must admit that my sister is a psychologist. I have never held this profession in high regard since I saw how easy she sailed through school. I'd more likely take the advice of a witch doctor from the depths of Tanzania than have a psychologist examine me. (BTW, I am an engineer by education). Hell, they are not even allowed to prescribe medication. All mumbo-jumbo and Jews are attracted by it. We don't need to let the Jews take control and influence our lives with their useless nonsense.