Thursday, December 01, 2011

More on NY family courts

The NY Times published a couple of letters in response to its family court secrecy article, including:
I practiced in these courts in the mid-1980s, representing low-income clients in custody, neglect and child-support matters. Back then many Family Court judges routinely got on the bench late, court-appointed lawyers regularly failed to appear, and court officers treated with disdain the litigants who thronged the waiting areas until the late afternoon hoping that their cases would be called.

Important matters, such as child custody cases, were often adjourned multiple times; months, even years, elapsed before decisions were issued. Those who ran the Family Courts then were largely white; the people who mistakenly depended on these institutions for justice and some sensitivity were largely black or brown.

I suspect that little has changed in these Family Courts. That may be why their power structures react with fear to the opening of their doors to reporters or any other interested person. Exposing these enclaves to the light of public scrutiny is the only hope for curing their dysfunction.
Exposing will not be enough. The public must then be convinced that there is a better way.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that back then they had court appointed lawyers. The
court no longer affords these anymore, do they ? I realize that he said that they regulary did not appear.

Anonymous said...

My young daughter, 11,(children have undeveloped sense of biases and stereo types when they're young until adults/environment brain washes them) mentioned that government should be reviewed by **public scrutiny** when she was talking about checks and balances in three branches of our government, otherwise they will be corrupt.

Regarding white majority, it is still an issue. Most people are mentioning (& lawyers) that these white lawyers and judges do not care about minorities. They form a group and play politics with group dynamics. Obviously, these corruption also affects whites to make money out of them.

We established equal rights in constitution back in 1776, we did nothing but violating equal rights. We progress some.

When we express problems of inequality, quickly, people point out we have great constitution. But all we did is to suppress and oppress minorities till date. We want them to live at **our majority control**. That is wrong.

In case you're thinking quickly here, guess what "single dads" are a minority in US. Guess what happens to minority across the world. They do not get much. This is what we face as minority.

There is again another problem christian majority who constantly suppressing minority or wants to convert others to Christianity. Almost many charities/non-profits have camouflaged into promoting Christianity. This is again shameful behavior. Unfortunately you have been brain washed when you're a child to become christian (without your consent) but you can not get pass the religion easily. But if you're in majority christian, mostly you will get *angry* reading this comments.

Once you were in majority white during marriage, probably did not get care about minority rights and issues but suddenly you're **diminished into minority single dad** after separation/divorce. This is what minority races Hispanic, blacks, Asians, others face day to day.

Middle class and below children and families have been played by these courts to destroy them in addition to minorities.

My point, there is also the majority and minority dynamics that is causing so much pain and suffering for single dads.

George said...

I don't know why the court appointed lawyers. Nowadays, the US Supreme Court says that a poor criminal defendant is entitled to a court-appointed lawyer, but a poor dad in family is not, even if he is threatened with a 6-month contempt-of-court charge.

Anonymous said...

6 months ? no, it may be 6 months, then upon release the "offender" has a 30 day release to come up with the original sum due and the additinal 6 months worth accrued on top of this amount or return t jail/prison, just to be "cycled through again with greater sums attached.

It's more like a life sentence unless you can come up with the money while you're in jail during the initial stint, presumably.

The cycles vary from jurisdicton to jurisdiction, but it's the same rouitine, basically.

You've been fortunate not to face this issue along with your custody problems. You've got it bad, but it's a lot worse for a lot of us.

Calif. will spend $50,000 per year preventing us from earning a living and paying a debt we never incurred and an amount we're never able to come up with. Who wins ?

Anonymous said...

I met a person who sat in jail for 2 years because family could not afford to place bail in a criminal court for allegation of grand theft.

Obviously, courts are designed "No money, you're destroyed or no voice in court". It works for rich or upper middle class to get away. But rest pay heavy penalty when innocent.

Every time when it topic on judicial system came for last >20 years, people point out we have good system. But when we find details, it is most corrupt money making system and not good for innocent. Rich & people pour money mostly get away but suffers innocents and middle and below class.

Here is for Rich/Upper middle class
The judge who ordered former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky be freed on ***$100,000 unsecured bail*** on charges he sexually abused eight boys reportedly volunteered for his charity.

Wow. There are now 100+ allegations on this guy for sex abuse charges.

Why was this man below was set $2.7 Million bail.
(I do not know truth and full story here. Please do not jump to conclusions on the baby sitter)

the case against Jordan Liu, 19, came to light after the boys’ mother sat her 8-year-old child down to discuss the Penn State University abuse scandal.

After hearing how mother said, kids said something.

Liu was arrested Nov. 22 and pleaded not guilty to the charges in Glendale Superior Court Monday

He has been held in lieu of ***$2.7 million*** bail and is due back in court Jan. 5.

I personally do not have knowledge on bail or criminal courts to understand the abobe bail difference.

Is this who you know in community? If you're in a community and knows judges, they do favor for you?