Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No relief in court

My ex-wife and I were before Judge Heather D. Morse this morning. As usual, she waited until 10 minutes before noon, and after she cleared out the other cases.

I was complaining that I have not seen our kids for 5 months. My ex-wife claimed that it was all my fault somehow. The judge was clearly biased against me, and it was all I could do to talk her out of permanently terminating my parental rights.

My ex-wife said that she is still pursuing the comtempt of court charges. The judge said that I waived the time limits. I objected, and said that I had not. The judge then read the minute order saying that I waived the limits. I really don't see how the clerk could have gotten that wrong, because we had a 5 minute discussion about it last time, and I was very emphatic about not waiving the limits. So the judge scheduled a trial for Sept. 9.

Visitation is now at my ex-wife's discretion. I will post more details later.


Anonymous said...

The clerk got the minute order worng ?

Can anyone give me a good reason why tape recorders are bannned in family court ? Maybe there are good reasons for it. I just can only think of bad reasons for it.

Anyone know ?

George said...

There is no good reason to ban tape recorders. A legitimate court would be happy to have an accurate record of events.

Anonymous said...

This is sick.

By the way, corrupt judges just order the court recorder to say whatever they want in the record.

Anonymous said...

So George, many will says that the court is not in fact, prejudice against you and clearly favoring your wife as the court serves justice, right ?

Well if the court serves justice and does not practice prejudice, then why would there ever exist a ban on recorders which could only exist to allow or facilitate prejudices ?

Would the NFL allow a referee to ban instant replay in games that he officialed, without everyone saying that his purpose was to favor one team over another ? I think that everyone would figure that he was being paid off, right ?

And what would you do if this were the case and all the calls were in favor of the other team ? You can not stop going to game after game because you are forced to or are forced to and in contempt as it is, too.

Too bad this is about kids and parents lives and not just a crooked game.

Fair analogy ? or a stretch ? Seriously. What do you people think ?

Anonymous said...

These days there are video cameras everywhere, right ? xcept in the family courtroom.

Anonymous said...

historically, any and all governments and their judicial system tools gravitate towards as much control with as little oversight as possible, it's human nature. Generally all kinds of platitudes like "patriotism" or "BIOTCh" or "social order" or "security" are used as the leverage and excuse to get away with murder. So yes, the football analogy is apt, though it only scratches the surface.