Monday, August 08, 2011

Back to court

I scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday. The issues include the usual custody and visitation issues that have been pending for nearly 4 years and never resolved. I am also facing arraignment for contempt of court.

The main contempt charge is for quoting Palo Alto psychologist Kenneth B. Perlmutter admitting that he lied to the court in order to make a crooked deal with my ex-wife to unlawfully deprive me of joint legal custody.

You can read about the contempt charge here, with Perlmutter's explanation under oath, and my ethics complaint against him.

Perlmutter is a vermin of the worst sort. He was personally cruel to my kids, and dishonest with me and the court. He is unethical and corrupt. But I have primarily restricted my criticisms to what I can prove using his own admissions under oath. And he has admitted some extremely reprehensible behavior under oath. He does not even dispute what I say here, as far as I know.

I don't know why my ex-wife would want to prosecute me for contempt, when any such trial will expose how she lied to Perlmutter and to the court in order to improperly gain sole legal custody of our kids. These are strong words, but I would not say them unless I have the transcripts and court papers to prove them.

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Anonymous said...


your ex., perlmutter,.. they simply do not care. they are immune from being held responsible for their evil behavior, time, and time again. who have you dealt with over the years that has been held reponsible for what they have done ?

they even flaunt their contempt, and lack of conscience relating to the suffering that they have put you and your kids through.

i think that along with being robbed, you are being baited by them...contempt...? please..

not saying that you can do any differently then you have done, though. no way. you have done an amazing job keeping your sanity and composure throughout the years.