Monday, August 08, 2011

New psychology school

Palo Alto University has a big display ad in today's newspaper for a new Scotts Valley program for master's degrees in counseling. It says that information sessions are at the local Hilton Mon-Tues-Wed evenings this week, and the rest of the week in Monterey.

This is horrible. It appears that they are trying to scoop out students from the lcoal Christian college that recently went bankrupt, and turn them into soul-sucking shrinks. I hope that these poor students learned about the devil before being dismissed.

Palo Alto U. calls itself a university, but they just teach psychology. Their web site has nothing about this new Scotts Valley initiative. Their phone numbers just lead to voicemail. You would think that when an ad points to a web site, the site would have some info on what is being advertized. You would also think that a university would have a telephone number that permitted talking to a live person.

We have a lot of crazy people in Santa Cruz, but we also have a lot of psychologists, counselors, psychotherapists, mediators, hypnotists, social workers, psychics, astrologers, palm readers, etc. We do not need any more. I fear that this new program is just going to train a bunch of quacks with phony credentials to wreck peoples' lives.

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Anonymous said...

for profit degree mills are one of the biggest growth industries left in this country. And psych is an easy degree to print out. In this day and age it simply doesn't pay to have a degree in something productive, the big money makers are MBAs, psych and social worker credentials, and JDs. All easy to teach in low overhead settings of just a classroom and whiteboard. Or through a website. No surprises there's yet another bogus "university" setting up shop here in town. Remember, Santa Cruz County's biggest employers are government, the local UC, and non profits. All the big companies like Borland, Seagate and such are long gone. Surprised Plantronics is still here.