Monday, August 29, 2011

Kids sue for bad mothering

The Chicago Tribune reports:
Raised in a $1.5 million Barrington Hills, Ill., home by their attorney father, two grown children have spent the last two years pursuing a unique lawsuit against their mom for "bad mothering" that alleges damages caused when she failed to buy toys for one and sent another a birthday card he didn't like.

The alleged offenses include failing to take her daughter to a car show, telling her then 7-year-old son to buckle his seat belt or she would contact police, "haggling" over the amount to spend on party dresses and calling her daughter at midnight to ask that she return home from celebrating homecoming.

Last week, at which point the court record stood about a foot tall, an Illinois appeals court dismissed the case, finding that none of the mother's conduct was "extreme or outrageous." To rule in favor of her children, the court found, "could potentially open the floodgates to subject family childrearing to ... excessive judicial scrutiny and interference."

In 2009, the children, represented by three attorneys including their father, Steven A. Miner, sued their mother, Kimberly Garrity. Steven II, now 23, and his sister Kathryn, now 20, sought more than $50,000 for "emotional distress."

Miner and Garrity were married for a decade before she filed for divorce in 1995, records show.
The detailed list of allegations is amazing.

Why did it take two years for the court to figure out what to do with this ridiculous lawsuit? I am beginning to think that maybe lawyers should not be allowed to have kids. They have attitudes that are not conducive to sensible child-rearing, and they are inclined to abuse the courts.

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Anonymous said...

This does NOT surprise me a bit. Steven Miner II was the attorney for my husbands ex-wife. The ex-wife decided to follow a married man and his family to Florida, while she left four small children ages 3-7 behind in Illinois with their father. A few years later, the married man that the ex wife followed ended the relationship with her. The ex-wife ended up moving near her parents in Illinois, realized how happy her ex and children were now.. and came after them with a vengeance. The ex-wife and Steven Miner filed many petitions against my husband... with most everything being fabricated, fictitious or false. (she hired a lawyer before Steven to do this, but after a few short months and he saw the proof that the allegations were false, he removed himself as her lawyer and sued her). The ex-wife and Steven knew from the beginning they would not win, but their victory is different from yours and mine. They were playing COURTROOM TERRORISM. They just put out as many claims as possible to confuse the situation and then sat back and enjoyed the ride. The ex even started messing with the children when she started visiting again to try to get them to NOT want to visit her, so she could blame that on my husband. My husband paid lawyers heavily and court costs for 4 years until finally the final court hearing approached and he could prove every single thing was just her way of terrorizing him and his family. Right before the final hearing the ex and Steven dropped the filings. The next day, she filed bankruptcy on all court costs and all the lawyers she had used up over the years including.. Steven Miner. The catch is... Steve Miner is the attorney that filed and conducted her Bankruptcy for her!!! HOW DO THE COURTS KEEP LETTING THIS HAPPEN!!! It's now been 8 years and we are still paying loans we had to get to cover the lawyers. The quality of life of the children went down drastically, since soooo much of our income went (and is still going) to pay for the courtroom terrorism that the state of Illinois allowed. No one can convince me the rest of the nation has this kind of court system that would allow people to take other people to court for the most idiotic reasons ever. They wouldn't let it go on for 2-4+ years. Also, they really can say anything and then drop the case right before the final court hearing.. then they never have to prove what they originally stated is true. Very sick and heartbroken over what the kids have been through all of these years with her games.